Watch the CF Games at the box this Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. Bring your own meats, beverages and chairs, CFHH will provide the grill, tv and high-fives. All are welcome!

Are you ready?

Sweet Quote: “One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

WU: 400m run
MOB: Shoulders. Hamstrings.
REVIEW: Muscle Up. L-sit. Squat sit.
S: 5 rounds of: Max muscle ups in :60. Rest:60.
LI: 5×5 of muscle ups. :60 rests. Practice at last week’s sub or improve to next level.
C: 5 RFT of:
:30 L-sit on parallettes
:90 squat sit
800m run
LIII: One leg extended.
LII: Tuck sit.
LI: Tuck sit on box or 25 situps. 400m run/walks
PWOD MOB: Full body rollout

Advanced: Strict muscle ups