Big thanks to the gang at Fringe Salon for sponsoring this week’s WLC raffle! Keep up the amazing work WLC’rs! You’ve got a sweet prize coming this week!

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Course is limited to 12 students. All instruction led by USAW certified Coach and CFHH owner, Craig Hysell.
Intermediate and Advanced lifters only. Sign up today. Class starts October 21.

Sweet Quote: “Do nothing which is of no use.” -Miyamoto Musashi

WU: 3 rounds of:
:60 of double under practice/:30 rest
MOB: Achilles. Calves. Hips. Shoulders.
REVIEW: Squat Clean.
S: Squat Clean. Find a heavy single.
LI: From the hang
C: 10RFT of:
1 squat clean at 85% of day’s 1RM.
20 double unders
LIII: 15 double unders
LII: 10 double unders
LI: 7 double unders (attempts count)
PWOD MOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms/Calves. Rollout t-spine.

1 squat clean per round at 90% of day’s 1RM.
20 UB double unders