My kids have these blankets that they call their binky.  In my opinion, these things are worth their weight in gold.  I literally panic if we can’t find them because my kids will sleep anywhere – ANYWHERE- as long they have binky.  Tailgating at the UCF Homecoming Game? Sleep.  At Gramma’s house for a sleepover? Sleep.  It’s amazing. We have those kids who get the “They’re such good sleepers!” comment all the time and 100% of the credit goes to binky.


As  they are getting older we’ve started talking about what age we need to say good-bye to binky. It was then I realized that up until the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) started, I too had a binky.  It was my glass of wine at night.  Every night, I chill out and relax before bedtime with a glass of wine.  Not that this habit in and of itself is horrible, but it’s a habit.  I was having that wine because I always have it.  I didn’t even think about it anymore, once the clock said 9 pm I poured the glass on autopilot.  No thought whatsoever.


Starting the WLC gave me a moment to think through and map out many of the habits in my life and the drink every night stood out as one that I not only didn’t need, but I clung to it like my kids cling to binky.  I didn’t want to be told to stop doing this because I like it.  It’s part of my routine.  And what’s the big deal, anyway? (Insert me whining and pouting here.)


The big deal is that it’s a habit that isn’t moving me closer to my goals.  As a working mother, a wife, a coach, and an athlete my days are pretty full from sun up to sun down.  My energy levels need to be spot on to perform all of these roles at the level that I want to perform them.  Maybe that glass of wine didn’t interfere every day, but sometimes it did.  And “sometimes” was happening more often than I recognized before taking that good hard look at my habits.


So, what’s your binky?  Do you have a habit that is there because it’s always just been there?  Are you wondering how to move past it? Or maybe you are still in whining and pouting phase and don’t want to let it go because you like it.


Let’s move past the part where you give up the habit and look further down the road.  Where the habit not only doesn’t exist but you don’t even crave it.  Where the time you spend with your binky is fully replaced by time you spend now on something that is moving you toward your goal.  Whatever that goal might be, I am willing to bet that a few extra minutes per day can have a huge impact.


If you want help identifying the binky in your life, let us know.  The staff at CFHH wants to partner with you to not only get stronger in the box, but to translate that to being a strong person in every aspect of your life.  Just like you can PR your snatch by working with a coach on the finer points of your technique and mechanics, you can PR life with that same formula.