Sweet Quote: “Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry.” -Muriel Rukeyser

MOB: Achilles. Calves. Hamstrings. Hips. Shoulders.
1 minute of jump rope:
3 rounds of:
:30 of double under practice
:30 of rest
SKILL: Front Squat. Pullup. Pushup.
S: Front Squat. 3-3-3-3-3. Start at 70% of last week’s 1RM.
C: EMOM for 10 minutes:
Max C2B in :15
20 Double Unders
LIII: Max Pullups
LII: Max B/A pullups. 10 double unders.
LI: Max ring rows. 5 double unders (attempts count) or :30 of singles.
PWOD MOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/G. Pigeon Pose. Roll out calves.

Advanced: Unbroken double unders.

Endurance: Front Squat. 5×5. Add 5# to last week’s weight.