by Christy Baroni

I have this game I play in the grocery store. I imagine The Food Babe walking up at any given moment and peeking in to my cart. For those of you who don’t know who The Food Babe is, she is an advocate and lobbyist for truth in food labeling and I adore her. Adore. She writes a blog that is funny and engaging while at the same time constantly crusading for a healthier society.

The purpose of using her imaginary judgment in the store is to ground truth how clean my cart really is, and how consistent its contents are with my goals. The harsh reality is that if I don’t have the willpower to walk past it in the aisle, I won’t be able to use restraint once it’s in my cabinet.

The saddest part of this game is why do I need to imagine some person I don’t even know? Usually my littles are with me in the store, physically right there with me. Why isn’t it enough motivation to set a good example for them? I’ve tried to tap in to that a lot more lately and it’s given me a sense of accomplishment and pride each time I make a good choice.

So, who would have to be in the grocery store to make you double think your cart? How consistent is your shopping cart with the goals you’ve set for yourself?

A way to gauge how you’re doing is to be conscience of the amount of time you spend on the perimeter of the store versus in the aisles. The perimeter is home to all of the lean meats we want, the veggies and fruits, and the eggs. The inner aisles are where we find the non-perishable, processed, packaged, filler. Consider pre-planning your trip down the aisles and limit them to spices, oils, nuts, and coffee.

Let me know if you try this trick and how it worked. Happy shopping!