by Robbie Bunting

Long after Mickey was gone Rocky heard Mickey’s voice and found inner strength that pushed him past his own mind limiting thoughts. A great coach does this. I have found a coach that has challenged me to go further and need to let her know that it has made a difference now and going forward.

You Cannot Quit

The first time I can remember interaction with this coach was during a EMOM. We were running 100’s at 100% and swinging kettle balls the first 15 minutes. I could no longer find my breath and told her that I needed to quit, that I could no further. She told me in just a few words and using my name, “Robbie you will not quit”. I did not know if I were going to die, but I knew that she believed I could go further. I did. Not sure how, but I finished the WOD. I did not know what I was capable of. I did not believe.

Fast Forward

The other day this coach put me on a smaller band when we were doing a WOD. She knew I could do it. Next thing you know I am doing kipping pullups and smiling from ear to ear and not knowing why this had been so hard in the past and so easy now. Bottom line, she believed I could do it and was able to convey this belief to me. Why did this happen?

Listen to the Self Talk

Tomorrow is her last day coaching in our box. I can promise that this is the inner voice that will push me further. She did not single me out and I am sure the rest of the gang all feel the same way. In today’s WOD she challenged me. I am not sure how she did this when I was on up on a bar, but she told me to stop kipping and do 5 strict pullups. It was impossible, than I did one. She has taught me to believe. To push further and to say I can.

Jenna Torres Thank You.