by Christy Baroni

I used to think that potluck dinners were a thing of my mom’s generation. I mean, who really wants a party full of random pantry samples, right?

WRONG!! This group of Food+Fitness Challengers is amazing to me, and I’ve learned a ton not only about their creativity in the kitchen but also about their commitment level just in the first week. The F+F Potluck Dinner is Tuesday, 2/25 at 7:30pm and I can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the party.

Here’s a few ideas for making the most out of this time together:

1- Bring something you love! You’ll be asked questions about the dish, about possible substitutions, and serving size so come ready to brag on your favorite dish. (Mark it Scaled or RX’d so we can all stick to our plan!)

2- Bring a few print outs of the recipe. Inevitably, if this dish is your favorite someone else is going to fall in love with it, too. Print out a few copies of the recipe and have them on hand to give out. It will save you having to go over it again and again and again.

3- Come ready to try some new things. This paleo challenge might be difficult for you because you have limited exposure to what to do with whole foods. You are not alone! I promise, transitioning from a diet of processed foods to a whole food diet takes a lot of practice, trial & error, and sometimes some backsliding in to what is comfortable. Do not fear! Just come with an open mind, try everything, and see what you like.

4 – If all else fails, just show up. So, we’ve all been there. You are prepping this awesome new dish to take to a party and in the midst of getting ready you burn the cauliflower, or drop the pot of chili, or the dog takes a nice giant bite out of the brisket. It happens. So, if your dish is a miss that night, just come anyway and sample what your friends put together. At the end of they day, we are in this together so just show up hungry and enjoy the company of friends.

Let’s get Week 2 off to a great start!