by Craig Hysell

I have noticed a bit of trending as of late in the gym.
I have spoken about it with the other coaches.
They have noticed it too.

You are being too hard on yourself.

When you get a PR you should celebrate it! You should WOOOOOOOOO it up. You should “Yeahhhh budddyyyy”! You should dance a jig, toast your friends, honor your hard work and effort with a smile and some satisfaction.

But you’re not.

We are hearing, “Yeah, but I only PR’d by 5#…” or “Yeah, but I only PR’d by 3:00 in my race…”

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Why be so harsh on yourself? What are your expectations that are driving you to be so hard on your successes? You deserve better than that.

Donny Shankle trained for FIVE YEARS without PR’ing his snatch. Five years!
The average gym sign up lasts for six months before quitting. Six months!

As you continue to train, you become more fit. The giant PR’s just don’t happen like they once did. Now you must buckle down and work on the details and earn on the little bits of magic that await in those “tiny” PR’s. THOSE TINY PR’S ARE HUGE!

It take more effort the longer you go to continue to be successful. But there is so much more reward that lies in all that effort. It’s not the number. Numbers become secondary. It is what you are being taught by the discipline that makes your life better.

Enjoy The Process. You’re missing a helluva ride if you keep comparing yourself to some ethereal “should be there” instead of where you have earned the right to be. Have goals, by all means, but enjoy The Journey!!

There is no one magic training program that fits everybody. Everybody responds differently to different stimulus. What works well for one, might not work well for you, and might not work again the next time it is used.

Keep this in perspective. You just killed it. Enjoy it! WOOOOOOOOOO!