by Craig Hysell

The great thing about Competition Day is it’s FINALLY a Test Day!

The bad thing about Competition Day is that sometimes the nerves can overtake us and we fall short of what we planned for. Especially if we feel way outside our comfort zone.

Can you free yourself of Game Day jitters?
But like anything else, this takes technique, practice and application.

Next time the Game Day Demons come a creepin’, apply these 3 simple steps to your preparation and see what happens.

1. Make peace with the fact that the hay is in the barn.

Your mind is your best friend, or your worst enemy. When it comes to Game Day, self-doubt loves to come knocking at the door. How can you beat it? By understanding this one, irrefutable fact: YOU ARE AS READY AS YOU ARE GOING TO BE AT THAT MOMENT.

It no longer matters if you have missed trainings, don’t have your skills as sharp as you would like, missed a meal, didn’t get enough sleep, drank too much coffee, etc. It’s done. You need to accept where you are at IN THIS MOMENT and apply the fact that THIS YOUR BEST SELF AT THIS TIME FOR THIS TEST. It is what it is. So be it. Accept it and go attack the situation with all the tools you currently have.

Pay no mind to self-doubt. These actions are pointless, confidence eroding, distracting and defeatist.

2. Remember why you are here.

You are here to sharpen your sword. You are here to test yourself. You are here to learn about yourself: to learn how to get better, both in life and in the challenge before you. It does not matter if you fall down, get beat down, get let down. It does not matter what somebody else is doing or has done. It only ever matters if you RISE.

And RISING is the only thing you have complete control of… so make sure you do. Enjoy The Process!


This is so easy and so often overlooked. Go out there and have FUN! It’s Game Day, baby! WOOOOO!

Mark Divine of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind Academy, shares a Native American parable about two dogs in the tribe:

The dogs were often in a fight, vying for attention in the hearts and the minds of the men.
One of the village elders could always pick the winner when the dogs started in on one another.
His grandson asked, “Grandfather, how do you know which dog to bet on?”
His Grandfather looked at him with love, “It’s simple actually. I bet on the dog that gets fed the most.” He leaned in to make sure he had has grandson’s attention. “That dog always wins.”

Each of us has two dogs in us.
Fear dog and courage dog.
Fear is vicious. Hungry. Active. Eager to steal all the food.
Courage is docile. Loving. Generous.
We cannot hate Fear Dog. Hating is the same as feeding it.
Instead, we must cultivate the Courage Dog. Make Courage Dog into something more. Turn the dog into The Wolf.

But how?

Mark Divine says:
The Wolf likes taking care of teammates.
Likes it when we smile and encourage others. When we see the good in them even if we do not know them.
The Wolf likes to know that you love yourself and have compassion for yourself.
The Wolf gets fed when we look for the good in the world despite all of the ugly.

Ask yourself, “What are you feeding?” And feed The Wolf. Have FUN! AHHHHOOOOOOOOO!