by Craig Hysell

Week 3 of The CTF Intramural Open is in the books!

It’s been a phenomenal ride so far!
Full of ups and downs for all of us, like any good competition should have. Good competition validates our strengths, shows us our weaknesses and inspires us to improve.

That is what getting in The Ring is all about.

And, I think now is a good time to remind all of you what CTF cares about when it comes to YOU, whether you are competing or not.

CTF does not, nor will it ever, care about your score. We care about your effort.

We celebrate your achievements with you, sure. We support you in your quest for your numbers. These can often validate statistically all your hard work or drive you to excel. But as in most things, moderation is necessary. Mark these words, if you make your life solely about a number (or a goal), you will miss the entire point of both your purpose in this life and what we do in here; and when it’s all said and done you will still not be fulfilled when you achieve your mission.

Your best effort is way more important to us. Did you do your best? Did you try your hardest? Did you leave it all out there on the testing ground? If you did, go home and sleep well, no matter what a scoreboard says. If you did not, assess where you could have done better and prepare for the next test down the line.

Did you move well, with solid technique? Technique is the mark of the disciplined, the craftsman, the artist, the professional.

Were you gracious both in winning or losing? Did you keep it together for your teammates and your community no matter what the outcome? Did you support others? Everybody or just your close friends? Did you compete honestly, with a full heart? Were you a sportsman?

Are you so busy comparing yourself to others or to some arbitrary number in your head that you have somehow decided dictates your greatness and self-worth that you lose sight of YOUR journey and what YOUR TRIP is really all about?

There are many routes to a number or a goal. What is going to make you better over the long haul? And not just as an athlete, as a human being pursuing both their dreams and their best self?

Athletics, for us at CTF, is merely the vessel by which we pursue our most awesome selves. It could just as well be painting, martial arts, sculpting, writing, meditation for others. Remember to constantly evaluate your WHY when you pursue a number or a goal.

A number or a goal is meaningless. The trip it took to get there is what counts. How you choose to get there will determine what you learn; and what it teaches you will do one of two things:
1. Haunt you for the rest of your life
2. Give you peace.

This is completely up to you. Stay righteous. Walk the high road. (The view is better anyway.)

Make sure your path is true and enjoy every up and down. That is what it is all about. Smile and keep crushing The CTF Intramural Open. And by crushing we mean trying your best at every workout, partying with your friends and enjoying what you learn.

Now, rise and grind. In the right way. When you understand that, the world, and most importantly YOU, will get out of your way. Greatness will be within your grasp. You will understand.