It’s time to get together and do some more AWESOME today in Shelter Cove Park!

This time for the men and women who pick up rifles and stare down bullets, bombs, rockets, IEDs, and other awful things wherever America requests they stand a post.

And I couldn’t be more honored to spend this day standing amongst all of you as we help the Honor Our Heroes Foundation assist our veterans suffering with PTSD fight their way back to some sense of peace as they return home from the front lines.

I’ve seen the affects of PTSD. It is debilitating. It can be devastating. It’s above my pay grade.
And I’ve watched the brave and the lost battle back from the brink. It’s a choice for sure; it could use a lot of help and understanding and awareness from us. Sadly, some, too many in fact, don’t make it back… but what if they could with just a little more help? Help from ME? From YOU? Maybe it’s the very least we can do…

Here’s to you Jake Walsh, Godfather, HOH, all the veterans you have helped and will help, all the men and women who have suffered and died to remain free over the entire course of human history and all the people tomorrow that will stand up for those that stand up for us. Shoulder to shoulder. Here we go. The Inaugural 5/20 HERO WOD presented by Honor Our Heroes Foundation.

I hope to see you there. SIGN UP HERE!

Live with Conviction,
Craig Hysell