Who will rise this fall?
8/7 at 7:45pm: Fall League Q&A Forum at CTF.

Ret was 15 when he died. His last request was “to give back”.
8/30 WOD for Ret. Sign up here.

Because you are awesome and life is awesome, it’s time for another installment of SEALFIT Saturday!!
This workout was inspired by the fantastic group of people over at SEALFIT.com

For time
800m run
800m run
60 pullups
800m run
90 4-count flutter kicks
This workout has a 40:00 cap.

LIII: 20 HSPU. 40 pullups.
LII: 20 HSPU off of one or 2 abmats or 10 wall walks. 40 B/A pull-ups.
LI: 800m run/walks. 20 4-point HSPU (off abmats ok). 40 ring rows as deep under rings as possible. 60 4-count flutter kicks.
PWMOB: Full body rollout or mobility with Coach Craig

As prescribed on SEALFIT.com
Run 1 mile
30x handstand push ups
Run 1 mile
60x pull ups
Run 1 mile
90x 4-count flutter kicks
This workout has a 60:00 cap.

Endurance: None

Tips for getting a better night’s sleep.