The Top 5 Reasons Why Your CTF Intramural Open Excuses Won’t Work

by Craig Hysell

A trend is rising. It is disturbing me. I have miscommunicated my intentions. We need to lop the head of this ugly monster.

The goal of the CTF Intramural Open is to have a BLAST as a community, not worrying about winning things or performing to some crazy, scary, high standard you have […]

Gratitude. And A Confession.

by Craig Hysell

When you are actually trying to do something with your life, things get hard. Real hard. At least for most of the successful people I know.

This is okay. It’s your passion that will see you through. If you’re doing something you really want to do, were meant to do, the hard times […]

The Inner Voice That Pushes. A CTF Member’s Thank You To Jenna Torres

by Robbie Bunting

Long after Mickey was gone Rocky heard Mickey’s voice and found inner strength that pushed him past his own mind limiting thoughts. A great coach does this. I have found a coach that has challenged me to go further and need to let her know that it has made a […]

Jenna’s Goodbye

by Jenna Torres

I have sat at this computer for hours typing, deleting, and rewriting, trying to put into words how much I will truly miss each and every one of you. I have been trying to figure out how to explain to you how much you have changed my life. The truth is when […]

Knowledge Bomb Tuesday: What Links You To Success?

by Craig Hysell

“The mind is everything, what you think, you become.” -Buddha

What you do with your gray matter is your biggest battle.
What do you need to understand about your mind (and you!) before you can improve it (you)?

Live with Conviction.

When Shit Gets Real

by Jenna Torres

Who are you? Who is looking back at you in the mirror? What about when life get’s hard? Or when nobody is looking? Most importantly who do you want to be? I can’t answer these questions for you, I’m not sure if I could answer them all for myself. However, this […]

Knowledge Bomb Tuesday. On Becoming CTF-Conviction Training Facility. Part II. The How

by Craig Hysell

Last week we rolled out that we are adding to our CrossFit Hilton Head name in an epic blog post.

If you missed the blog post, (it was ridiculously amazing and informative by the way) just click here.


How can you best take advantage of all that’s going down at the new gym? How […]

Knowledge Bomb Tuesday: On Becoming CTF- Conviction Training Facility. Part I. The Why.

By Craig Hysell

“It’s the repetition of affirmation that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali

con-vic-tion: /kon-vik-shen/ “A firmly held belief or opinion.”

This will take you 5 minutes to read.
And may take a lifetime to fully understand…

In 1995 I became the co-Captain of […]

Knowledge Bomb Tuesday: Why Aren’t You Taking This?

You train hard.
Super hard.
And you put in the time, killing yourself in the gym.

But, you must remember that you get one hour in the gym and 23 hours to do what you want.

You train in the gym, you grow in the recovery.

At your gym we carry some of the best supplements in the world.
We […]

Knowledge Bomb Tuesdays: Not Understanding This Can Hurt You

by Craig Hysell

Grab a cup of coffee, some healthy nom noms and ponder this:

Anybody can progress in the first 6 months of training.
Why do you keep progressing over the months and years?

Well, here’s one of the reasons. And it’s a MAJOR reason…

Because at YOUR gym (not everybody does this, understands this, does this intelligently […]