You Do Not Yet Understand Your Power

by Craig Hysell

Let’s say you put in your time here. Or in any gym. The universal average wash out rate for gym clients is 6 months. That’s about the time it takes for the average person to plateau, lose interest, go on to the “next” thing, simply quit, whatever.

But that’s not you.

Let’s say you’ve […]

What I Learned From CrossFit

By John Bauerle

John Bauerle works out with us during the summer.
Currently he his back for Christmas Break.
I’d like to share with you his thoughts that he wrote to me regarding our training program here.
I have done this with his permission and no edits.
These are his thoughts verbatim.
Enjoy. -Coach.

What I learned from crossfit

I’ll start with […]

From Technical To Mental

By Jenna Torres

Almost a year has passed since my husband and I moved back to Hilton Head and I started my journey towards becoming a coach. What I have learned is more than I could ever put into words, and what I have yet to learn is infinite.

When I first came back I […]

How to Live A Successful Life

by Craig Hysell

1. Establish good habits.
I learned this from Dave Tate. He was asked, “What would you tell someone who wants to begin a fitness program?” His advice was to create the habit of working out. Whether that be starting with walking 3 times a week at 6am for a half hour or going […]

What Does CFHH Mean To You? Going in Ten…

By Craig Hysell

I get something in my inbox or talk to someone everyday whose life we have made better at CrossFit Hilton Head. Dayna, myself and our staff bust our asses to provide this. To relentlessly continue the same mission we have had since day one: to make everything outside the box better. It […]

Yeah, Yeah, Whatever. Are You Coachable?

by Jenna Torres

When I went through the 101 course two years ago it was called bootcamp and it was 3 days a week for 4 weeks. The term had me a little nervous about what I was getting myself into. I quickly learned that this was not your typical “bootcamp”. The workouts were hard […]

Sunday. 10.20.13

by Craig Hysell

I found this presentation to be quite interesting considering the source:

Five Lessons You Can Learn From Donny Shankle

By Craig Hysell

Donny Shankle is a five-time world champion of weightlifting. We had the privilege of having him conduct a seminar at CrossFit Hilton Head on October 6, 2013. Here are five lessons you can learn from Donny Shankle:

1. Single-mindedness. Find out what you want to do. Honestly assess how badly you want to […]

Putting Aside The Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas

by Christy Baroni

I heard a definition of hell not too long ago that struck a chord with me. I can’t shake the image from my mind. Someone told me that hell is a place where we have to see our own lives lived to the fullest potential. We see who we […]

Coach’s Note: On Epicosity

by Craig Hysell

This weekend, up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, CFHH and the CFHH Endurance Team had an epic event. An unbelievable, unprecedented, unbeatable life experience that no amount of money can buy. For me, personally, this was the culmination of years of hard work and Coach Jeff Ford’s buy-in to what I believe.

What […]