The WOD for Ret In My Own Words

By Craig Hysell

“When we started this band all we needed, needed was a laugh. Year’s gone by, I say we’ve kicked some ass.” -Motley Crue


When I began CrossFit Hilton Head in 2010, I set out with a mission: to “make everything outside the box better”. Fitness would […]

Lessons From The Ulfberht

By Craig Hysell

A thousand years ago, the Vikings were a dominant force in the world. Their warriors were fierce and their trade routes were vast, reaching well into the “known world” and even into the Americas 500 years before Columbus. The elite few, often only the very best of the best, carried a fabled […]

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

by Craig Hysell

We train hard at CrossFit Hilton Head. You train hard. We are driven. You are driven. But are you having fun?

This gym is a school and sometimes, school can get tedious. Especially for those of you that have been here awhile. At first, everything is new. You are learning so much. You […]

Are You Scaling Properly?

by Jenna Torres

CrossFit Hilton Head is unique in the fact that we give you scaling options. Not every box does this, and believe it or not we do this for a specific reason. For one, we do not want anyone to come in and jump into RX, no matter how much they have worked […]

Coach’s Note: On Submission

by Craig Hysell

Aristotle once postulated that we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not a matter of luck or act, but a matter of habit. So to then is submission.

There is a philosophy that attends well to The Art of Suffering. It is often quoted as “choose the wrench” and comes from […]

Do You Train Like A Rookie?

by Craig Hysell

I read of a battle once. I can’t remember the exact time, although it was ancient. And I can’t remember exactly who was fighting: Greeks, Spartans, Alexander. But there was a point about the battle that struck me as very peculiar. The fighting was bloody, dusty, terrible. Truly a sight to be […]

On “Unfair” Workouts

by Craig Hysell

“To master kung fu, the training must be severe.” – Louie Simmons

Yesterday’s conditioning portion of the workout was unfair. Most people could not finish it at those weights in the apportioned time cap. Here’s a secret, it was actually designed to be this way. If you did finish, that’s great. You earned […]

Reflections on The 2013 I CAN Games

by Craig Hysell

It has taken me a long time to wrap my head around the weekend of June 15 and 16, 2013. So much happened, much of it seems like a blur. Other pieces of it seem to be in slow motion. All of it was awesome in the way that word should truly […]


By Craig Hysell

“Do what you fear most and you control fear.” -Tom Hopkins

Fear is about producing heightened awareness. Fear is about respect both for the tools that surround you and the environment where you stand. Too much fear and you do nothing, too little fear and your fears get realized. What bothers me most […]

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