Eight to Twelve Hours a Week is All it Takes


We will pick back up when the CTF Savannah Rock N Roll Endurance Series commences. Free group run to all Saturday, September 13th 2014.

Did you know there’s an endurance paradigm shift happening? How about the fact that CTF Endurance has been paving the way for over two […]

Triathlon Tips: Study the Race Course

Are you confused and overwhelmed about your first triathlon? Don’t be because our new triathlon tips series will give you everything you need to know before you get into the water at your first race.

Triathlon is a very exciting sport yet there are numerous details to pay attention to before, during and after […]

Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete

You’re only in the gym, on the streets or in the pool for a few hours or less per day. If you didn’t know already, what you do in those other hours off from training is way more important than the actual training itself. As Endurance athletes (or humans in general) recovery and being […]

Lower Back Pain Running

Have you ever thought that how you’re running could be causing your lower back pain? In this new series, we’re breaking down common running mechanics deviations that we see in our athletes that lead to injury. Your best way of preventing injury is always fixing the actual problem and in most cases it’s HOW […]

Your Doing Too Much, Stop.

There’s this psychological game you play in your head when your times get slower or when your strength numbers go down. I know because I’ve been there. I have had the same thoughts as you. If you’re an athlete, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The voice that takes over. I’m not doing […]

Where will you be August 30th?

For over five years now, the Conviction Training Facility has been involved with the RET Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to assist children afflicted with pediatric cancers in as many meaningful ways as possible. As part of a fundraising opportunity there has been a workout performed in memory of RET, the RET WOD […]

The Bigger Picture after Fifty Miles

Now two weeks later, I’m finally getting around to writing about my first (and potentially last) fifty mile run. I think I’ve waited so long because it’s taken a great deal of time to process the day and I didn’t want to screw this post up. Running fifty miles, raising over seven thousand dollars, […]

Saturday 8.02.14


Athletes preparing for Charleston Sprint and Kiawah Olympic Triathlon this is the perfect test for your training.

“We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport.”
– Alberto Salazar

MOB: Hips. Hamstrings. Ankles. Calves.
WU: 15 Air Squats – 400m Run
SK: […]

Pack Appropriately – Triathlon Training

The last thing you want to do on race day is forget a vital piece of equipment. Even though I’ve done a lot of racing, I still have nightmares that I may show up to one of the biggest races of my life and forget my bike shoes. Check out the video below to […]

Two Minute Tuesday – Ultra Marathon Recovery Week

After you run 50miles or an Ultra Marathon of any distance it doesn’t make much sense to go all out the week after. Physically and psychologically, as athletes we have to respect the distances. Check out this week’s CrossFit Endurance Two Minute Tuesday as Coach Jeff Ford breaks down a sample recovery week.