Saturday 7.19.14


GO RUN 5 Miles with Coach JFORD @ the CREMATOR or…
Complete workout over the weekend.

MOB: Ankles. Calves. Hamstrings. Hips.
WU: 400m Run
15 Front leg swings per leg
15 Lateral leg swings per leg

Final Hours to the Cremator

The toughest part of training is the taper week. What is a taper week you may ask? “Taper” means to back off training and rest appropriately in preparation for race day. It allows the body to take a break physically and emotionally. In traditional programs it may last close to 3weeks, however in our […]

Two Minute Tuesday: Athlete Performance – Sleep

Sleep is one of the simplest ways to improve performance and often a second thought for recreational athletes. Cheri Mah of Stanford University found that when athletes increased sleep time (goal of 10 hours of sleep every night for five weeks), their athletic performance improved.

Saturday 7.12.14

There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul. – Kristen Armstrong

MOB: Ankles. Calves. Hamstrings. Hips.
WU: 2 Rounds of:

Fix Yourself Friday: Swimmers Shoulder

Tired of your shoulders hurting after your swim? Here’s a quick fix to implement during your cool downs right when you get out of the pool. Don’t forget that fixing the mechanics will most likely make the biggest impact!

Train Smarter: Ultra Running

No matter what way you training. It’s a journey…

Hitting the trails or in the gym. I’m excited to see what I can accomplish.

We respect our athletes too much to make them do something random.

Huge chunk of distance that’s unknown. Had to fall back on the training.

Movement Breakdown – Kettlebell Swings for Runners

The Kettlebell swing is an excellent strength and conditioning move to implement with runners of all levels. Every time we include into training our runners and triathletes it serves a different purpose. Too many benefits to count, you don’t want to leave this movement out of your next training cycle!

Two Minute Tuesday – Recover with Hydration

What’s the simplest way we can improve our recovery? Drink more water. It’s really that simple. In this week’s, Two Minute Tuesday we break down the many benefits water has for your recovery as well as easy ways to monitor.

Runners Don’t Need Weights

It will make you bulky…

There’s a misunderstanding in the endurance community that lifting heavy weights will leave us bulky and “over-muscled” for our sport. Racing weight is critical and being as “light” as possible is what makes someone fast. If this were true my athletes would be getting slower every week, but it seems […]

50 Miles for Livia

Three weeks until the Cremator 50 Mile Ultra Run for Livia. We need your help to raise money for this incredible little girl. Check out the video below on how you can help today!