02.02.11 Wednesday

Congrats Kit on getting your kipping pull-up today!!!

400m Run
Burgener Warm-up With PVC
20 Deadlifts
20 Front Squats
20 Passthroughs
Burgener Warmup With Bar

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

If you do not have a good deadlift, you will start from the hang position.
If you do not have a good front squat, you will do a power clean.
If you do not perform either […]

02.01.2011 Holbrook

Coaches Note:  Because of Internet Problems just come in tomorrow for scaling and warmup- DC


Ten rounds, each for time of:
115 pound Thruster, 5 reps
10 Pull-ups
100 meter Sprint
Rest 1 minute

Some of the best:

Josh Everett 0:35-0:46, Kristan Clever 0:41-0:48 (80lbs), Rebecca Voigt 0:49-0:53 (80lbs), Pam Eamranond 0:55-1:31 (80lbs).

Enlarge image

U.S. Army Captain Jason Holbrook, 28, of Burnet, […]

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01.31.11 Muscle Up People!!

Get in here and start working on those goals. If you haven’t set any yet, start today. Talk to a coach and get yourself set-up for success. Karen has already reached her short term goal and is working towards another. Great job!!

Three rounds for time of:
12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

Top contenders.
Kristan Clever 8:48, Rob Orlando 9:03, […]

01.30.11 Sunday Rest Day

Rest Day

Take a day and chill my brothers and sisters.

1.28.11 Friday

WU: 3 minutes of double-unders. 3 rounds of 10 good mornings (bar of choice)/10 GHDs. Hamstring PNF.

SWOD: 2-minute challenge. How many deadlifts can you do in 2 minutes with 135# (manimals)/95# (woddesses) or 95#/55#. Athlete’s choice.
Hint: If you cannot get to at least 10 unbroken you have picked the wrong weight.

1.27.11 Thursday

Sweet Quote: “Pain makes man think. Thought makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable.” – John Patrick

WU: Run 400m. Active warmup (Coach’s Choice)

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes

3 rounds for time of:
400m run or 800m row
Rest 2 minutes

COACH’S NOTE: This should be an all out sprint/suckfest. GO HARD!

30/30 makeups

POST WOD: Calf […]

1.26.11. Wednesday

WU: 2 minutes of jump rope. 2 minute challenge: How many double-unders can you perform in 2 minutes? 3 rounds of 10 passthroughs/10 OHS with PVC.
Hip/Shoulder/Thoracic prep.
Burgener Warmup with bar of choice.

OHS 10×2 at 50% of 1RM. Bar starts from the ground on first lift. Going on the minute for 10 minutes. Explode out […]


Sweet Quote: “Spirit has fifty times the staying power of brawn and muscle.” – Mark Twain

WU: 400m run. 2 rds of 5 pullups/10 squats/15 hollow rock.
Hip and shoulder prep.

For time:
21 L-pull-ups
20 One legged squats, alternating legs
18 L-pull-ups
16 One legged squats, alternating legs
15 L-pull-ups
12 One legged squats, alternating legs
12 L-pull-ups
8 One legged squats, alternating legs

Advanced. […]

1.24.11. Monday.

PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: One small goal, one big goal.
WU: 3 minutes of double-unders. 30 passthroughs with PVC. 2 rounds of 10 squats/dips/good mornings with bar of choice.
Mobility: Adductor stretch on wall. Femur to back of hip, thirty seconds per side.

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
20 Burpees
15 barbell bent over row, 115#

Advanced: Same. 95#/55#

5 rounds […]

Sunday Rest Day

Rest Day.

See everybody Monday with bells on.