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CrossFit is an expert program designed around raising General Physical Preparedness, “GPP”.
CrossFit has been proven to develop overall strength, stamina, speed, power, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, coordination and cardivascular/respiratory endurance. These 10 CrossFit building blocks will deliver the strong foundation your athletes need to dominate their opponents! What we offer at CrossFit Hilton Head will translate to any sport.

CFHH Training improves discipline, physical and mental strength, and reduces injuries. Our program focuses on building up athletes’ weaknesses in order to enhance their strengths. CFHH Training will also help you get the most out of team practices. When athletes’ strength and conditioning are optimum, and they have a strong foundation in the 10 skills mentioned above, they are more powerful, more focused and have more stamina during sport specific drills and practice.

When you choose CFHH Team Training
CFHH will design a specialized program using input from your team’s coach to address specific strengths, weaknesses and goals. We will work on physical and mental strength, endurance, and cohesion all in a package relative to your sport and team. Using this formula average teams become great and great teams become unstoppable!

At CFHH we have tailored our program to meet the needs of golf pros, Lacrosse Teams: Palmetto and Hilton Head High, wrestlers, MMA fighters, high school baseball players, collegiate rowers, tennis players, the Hilton Head Rugby Club, and the Hilton Head High Swim Team. Coach Craig and CFHH have helped numerous high school athletes get scouted by colleges, including several from the travel competition lacrosse team, Team Palmetto, in 2010 & 2011.

Let CFHH be your secret weapon for bringing home the championship win!
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NOTE: If you play an individual sport or would like to develop your skills on an individual basis, please check out CFHH Personal Training