CFHH Olympic Weightlifting


Welcome to the USAW recognized Hilton Head Island Barbell Club
“En ferrum veritas.”

You do not have to be a CFHH member to attend CFHH-Oly classes!
Men, women and teens are welcome.
Sign ups are recommended as class spots are limited and move forward on a periodized program.

The Hilton Head Island Barbell Club, the first of its kind on Hilton Head, focuses solely on the development of the Olympic lifts: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.
Through proper instruction in the “catapult” technique and diligent practice, you will lift more weight more efficiently, get stronger and become less susceptible to injury. The strength and technique developed in this class will also translate over to your regular CrossFit WODs and competitions. Be prepared for PR’s to come quickly and then, as understanding and mastery begin to develop, to settle in to the discipline of weightlifting in order to be successful.

CAUTION: Sweat, grunting, loud music, slamming bars and impressing yourself are all part of the package.

The CFHH-Oly program rotates on 8 and 12 week programs. CFHH Unlimited Access Monthly Members receive access to this program at a tremendous discount. Look for upcoming programs AND SIGN UP here.