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CrossFit Kids

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Fitness Disguised as FUN!

CrossFit Kids classes aren’t just about getting your child active, they’re about education, teamwork and cultivating a lifelong love of fitness! Children who are physically fit and active do better in school, have more focus, sleep better and have more confidence. CrossFit is a sport on it’s own and the overall conditioning gained from CrossFit will translate into any other sport your child is passionate about.

CrossFit Hilton Head offers programs for ages 3 and up:
Please note: When placing children into a program, ages are guidelines only. CFHH Staff will determine the best placement for each child. If you’re having trouble choosing between the programs, reserve your spot in the Rock n Rollers group and a coach will discuss moving your child to the JV classes when they are ready.

Rock and Rollers will focus on balance, coordination, physical and mental strength development, confidence, community, games and learning. But all your little CrossFitter will know is that it’s FUN! Choose between 8 and 16 sessions in each 8 week course.
Junior Varsity has all the same benefits as the Rock and Rollers with more advanced physical challenges. JV CrossFitters will improve in any other sport they practice and will be more well rounded than children focusing only on one sport or one specific set of skills. All JV participants must be able to complete a baseline workout. Each 8 week JV course has 16 sessions.

Rock n Roller Schedule:
Each 8 week session includes 16 possible classes.
2014 Winter Session: January 8th – March 1st
2014 Spring Session: March 5th – May 10th
2013 Summer Session: June 4th – Aug 3rd
2013 Fall Session: Sept 11th – November 9th

JV Schedule:
Each 8 week session includes 16 classes.
2014 Winter Session: January 7th – February 27th
2014 Spring Session: March 4th – May 8th
2013 Summer Session: June 4th – Aug 3rd
2013 Fall Session: Sept 10th – November 12th

Ask about our family discount applied when signing up siblings in any of our CFHH Kids programs.