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CFHH Personal Training is the best way to begin a fitness regime or add unique benefits to your current training!
Available to CFHH members & non-members ages 12 to 112!
(To receive your CFHH member discount, sign in to your CFHH Athlete Profile then choose “Members Only PT” when booking online.)

“Training designed especially for you!”
CFHH Personal Training exists to help you achieve your specific goals whatever they may be. Whether you’re just stepping into a gym for the first time or you’re an accomplished athlete training for your next competition, with CFHH Personal Training you can be sure the WOD will reflect your individual goals and you will excel!
When you choose CFHH Personal Training:
1. Your workouts will be customized, and assessments scheduled to ensure we stay on track and desired progress is achieved.
2. You will be coached from start to finish through each Personal Training session to ensure the best possible results from your workouts.
3. You will be held accountable for getting into the gym and giving your best effort every time!
4. You will get sound nutrition and recovery advice.
5. Depending on your goals and the plan you work out with your trainer, you may receive homework.
6. You will see amazing results by simply following your personalized prescription!

CFHH Personal Training Policy:
Sessions are offered for individuals or duets. Sessions are charged as booked. Booking changes made at least 12 hours in advance will not be charged. Rates begin at $70 an hour and are different for each trainer. Exact rates are provided during the online booking process.

CFHH Trainers Offering Personal Training:

Coach Craig “Maximus” Hysell
Coach Craig specializes in Functional and Sport Specific Training for all ages, Sports Team Training, CrossFit and CrossFit Competition Training and Olympic Weightlifting.

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Ironman JFord
Coach Jeff Ford specializes in weight loss and weight management, and all things endurance! Whether you’re training for your first 5k or triathlon or you’re a seasoned Ironman or Marathon runner, Coach Jeff Ford will help you get there stronger, faster and better prepared both mentally and physically.

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Assistant Coach Jake Walsh
Coach Jake Specializes in Military Fitness, Functional Training, Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit. Assistant Coach of the CFHH Barbell Club and CrossFit Competition Team, Coach Jake enjoys helping competitive athletes find their edge. Coach Jake’s Military Experience gives him the tools to prepare any new recruit or reservist both mentally and physically. He’s been improving lives at CFHH since 2011, yours could be next.

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Assistant Coach Sarah Drilling
Coach Sarah specializes in both CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance Training. Her patience and unique ability to motivate makes her particularly brilliant in pushing the accomplished athlete further and helping beginners find their inner athlete. Think you’re too old? You’re not. Can’t do a push up? No problem. CrossFit’s functional movement training can be modified to benefit everyone from young athletes to seniors looking to stay or become active. Regardless of what you think your abilities or limitations are, Coach Sarah will help you find your way at CrossFit Hilton Head.

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Private CrossFit 101!

This 6 session program is only offered in lieu of CrossFit 101. It is a CrossFit introductory course only and structured as such. Private 101 is not a Personal Training package. It is intended for those of you having trouble meeting the regularly scheduled CrossFit 101 class times and will get you on the fast track to CFHH Super-stardom!

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Please be sure to note the difference between Personal Training and Private CrossFit 101 and 1 on 1 vs duet.