Nutrition Specialist: Christy “Glutes” Baroni

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer
CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross


Beyond being an awesome human, mother and trainer, Christy Baroni is CFHH’s Nutrition Specialist. And awesome at it. Got a problem with your diet? She’s the guru for you. Got a problem with your training? It just may be your diet. At CFHH we know nutrition (our body’s fuel) is the foundation and most important physical factor in everything we do in life and especially as athletes. At CFHH we know everyone is biologically different and therefore when prescribing a diet plan it must be personalized to the individual. Christy’s philosophy is to banish the diet roller coaster by helping you gradually make small sustainable changes that you will be able to incorporate into your life forever.

Christy’s passion for CrossFit brought her to CFHH in 2012 but her introduction to CrossFit was back in 2007. She spent most of 2008 & 2009 practicing CrossFit while pregnant, nursing or both. And while her CrossFit beginnings were far from romantic, they were consistent with the right attitude that all successful people share: the pushing back of comfort zones. As a trainer at CFHH Christy loves bringing strength and confidence developed through CrossFit to our female athletes. And empowering all athletes through the realization they CAN CrossFit! Her family of 4 now CrossFit’s together at CFHH and she’s excited about the positive, healthy examples her and her husband are setting for their children.

Christy’s CrossFit journey, in her own words:
“My first exposure to CrossFit was a main site video of Annie Sakamoto doing 50 unbroken pull-ups. She was easily 7 months pregnant at the time. Umm, no thanks. That crap is not for me.


My husband had started following main site programming while deployed and experienced a few things that he thought I would really like. I enjoyed an early career as a professional dancer and really missed having a physical discipline to study. He eventually talked me in to trying Cindy and I crushed it. (And by “crushed it” I mean that I did kneeling push-ups with a range of motion of about 3 inches, jumping pull-ups to a bar that hung 4 inches above my head, and squats with no concept of parallel much less breaking it.) I arrogantly treated myself to beer and pizza afterward for doing such a killer workout.

After the beerfest to celebrate my first Cindy, I had this sneaking suspicion that I could have done more. Or maybe not more, but better. It is in that moment that I officially started drinking the kool-aid. Then one day, I picked up a barbell.

Having never lifted before it was surprising to me how much of my experience as a dancer was present in this discipline as well. Ideas like technique before intensity. Master the basics and be willing to practice them over and over and over. My progress was glacial paced, but significant.

My 2nd attempt at Cindy was a whole different experience. With a focus on range of motion and technique, I did less than half the rounds of my first attempt, but I knew I had accomplished something bigger than rounds.
In the first 6 months of doing CrossFit I shaved 3:30 off my 5k time. That result sealed the deal for me to be forever addicted.

To me, there is safety in data and I now had proof that I was not only stronger and leaner, but faster too. I also had new benchmarks that were way more challenging & fun to pursue than just running. In the end, the results are what keep me motivated.

Because of CrossFit I can say without irony or sarcasm that I am an athlete, and a freaking good one. That is the podium I get to stand on every single day.”