Athlete Spotlight


Name: Vlad Houzar
Day 1 with CFHH: January 2011
Occupation: Server
Favorite Thing to Do (Other than CF, of course): Eat
Biggest Goat: hspu
What are you doing to improve it? Nothing yet



The Burning Questions

Inside the box:

Why did you begin CrossFitting? To get in best shape of my life!
What’s your first memory of CrossFit Hilton Head? Rugby team boot camp.
What was your worst workout ever? 21 15 9 hspu 400 m run.
What’s the best part about coming to CrossFit Hilton Head? Pushing me to levels unknown to human race.
Do you have any CFHH goals? Get better and better.

Outside the box:

What has CFHH done for you outside of the box? It has made me happy!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Hilton Head? Do not think about it, just do it. It is to best way to improve yourself.

What’s next for you outside the gym? A happy life hopefully.

5 questions in 5 seconds:


Would you rather:
Be stronger or faster?
Eat Paleo Pizza or drink Norcal margaritas? Margaritas!
Do Fran naked in front of all your friends and PR or do Fran clothed and never have your time improve? For sure naked.
Do 20 muscle ups for time or 200 double unders for time? Since I can’t do muscle ups , I guess I go with du.
Drink out of somebody else’s water bottle or wear somebody else’s gym clothes? Both at the same time.

Coach’s Thoughts:

Vlad “The Vladiator” Houzar. Vlad has been with CFHH since January of 2011. I’ll never forget when he pulled me aside in the fall of that year and said, “You know, this is the longest I have ever stuck with a training program, ever.” He’s still here and the big guy is still improving. My goals with Vlad as he continues on in our program is to get him to tap into that river of yet to be used potential, drag him kicking and screaming from his comfort zones and get him into a competition of some sort this year: for some reason I envision the big bear at a strongman competition moving atlas stones or in a kilt at The Highland Games throwing a caber or battle axe. Oh, and also, to put his keys in the cubbies instead of on the front desk. (It’s been 2 years of asking, Vladdy!!!)
All joking aside, the program wouldn’t be the same without Vlad in it. I enjoy watching Vlad walk his journey and being there for him with a kick in the ass or a hug when he needs it. Cheers, Vlad. Here’s to another great year.