Athlete Spotlight

Name: Chad Perrine

Day 1 with CFHH: May 2011
Occupation: General Contractor, Macaroni Artist
Favorite Thing to Do (Other than CF, of course): Spend time with my beautiful wife and children, Watch the Browns Lose
Biggest Goat: Anything involving Flexibility
What are you doing to improve it? Stretching outside of class (I will be able to touch my toes at some point, I swear)



Inside the box:

Why did you begin CrossFitting? To escape my repetitive routine at the Gym
What’s your first memory of CrossFit Hilton Head? During BootCamp I remember thinking that I had no idea that some of these exercises even existed. It was humbling and exciting all at the same time.
What was your worst workout ever? The first time I did Murph I had three small heart attacks. No big deal.
What’s the best part about coming to CrossFit Hilton Head? Working with trainers and other crossfitter’s that passionately believe in what they are doing. It’s infectious.
Do you have any CFHH goals? Continue to improve my flexibility and actually do a heavy overhead squat

Outside the box:

What has CFHH done for you outside of the box? I’ve met a lot of great people, competed in various races I never would have done before, and learned how to push myself both mentally and physically.
Do you have any advice for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Hilton Head? Do it. It will make you better in all areas of your life. Then after much training you too may be able to pull off the Back Shoulder Blue Steel that Keanu is sporting in the Point Break poster at the front of the box.
What’s next for you outside the gym? Outside of the gym? I might go to Home Depot and maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond if there is time.

5 questions in 5 seconds:


Would you rather:
Be stronger or faster?
Eat Paleo Pizza or drink Norcal margaritas? Pizza and I have always gotten along well, Margaritas not so much.
Do Fran naked in front of all your friends and PR or do Fran clothed and never have your time improve? I would like to cheer on others doing Fran while I am naked. Is that an option?
Do 20 muscle ups for time or 200 double unders for time? 200 Double Unders
Drink out of somebody else’s water bottle or wear somebody else’s gym clothes? Water Bottle

Coach’s Thoughts:

Chad and I go way back.
I once toilet papered his house with his brother-in-law. (Yes, wayyyy back.)
We have gotten into some shenanigans together growing up.
He employs my brother at Reno Pro, Chad’s renovation company.
To say that we have history is an understatement.

Here’s something I didn’t know about Chad, though: he has an indeterminate amount of grit.

CrossFit isn’t easy for Chad. He has chronically tight muscles which inhibit him from getting into the correct positions much of the time.
He has never once complained off this, always just laughs it off.
Always shows up.
Going on well over two years now.

And because of his attitude and his grit, despite his “limitations” he continues to excel and achieve, running in the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon this month. He has continued to challenge himself over and over again. He has continued to grow as both a man and an athlete.

For what it is worth I am very proud of Chad. By persevering in our gym I feel that he has come to find out who he is. And I feel he has helped me grow as a coach, an owner and a man as well.