Athlete Spotlight


Name: Morgan Bass
Day 1 with CFHH: March 4th, 2013- CFHH BootCamp
Favorite Thing to Do (Other than CF, of course): Paddleboarding, kayaking, anything water related
Biggest Goat: Pull ups and anything over-head; snatches, presses, etc.
What are you doing to improve it? I recently started doing some personal training with Coach Ford to hone in on my weaknesses. As an added bonus, Morgan came in 1st place in the scaled division at the WOD for RET (his first race ever) and completed the 208 mile Blue Ridge Relay with the CFHH Endurance Team!



The Burning Questions

Inside the box:

Why did you begin CrossFitting? I ignored working out for 22 years of my life, in short, I was the “fat kid” and I never had any real drive or passion for being healthy or active.
What’s your first memory of CrossFit Hilton Head? 7am at CFHH BootCamp, Craig told us to put on our “Prison D”. He said, “If you can remember to stay tight, cool shit will happen.”
What was your worst workout ever? MURPH… ain’t nobody got time fo dat!
What’s the best part about coming to CrossFit Hilton Head? The first 30 minutes after every work out…I am so tired and sweaty yet so relaxed with a great sense of accomplishment.
Do you have any CFHH goals? I would like to improve my overall strength and get 5k time down.


Outside the box:

What has CFHH done for you outside of the box? Make me look good naked, just kidding… CFHH has made me more confident in my physical and mental strength.
Do you have any advice for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Hilton Head? Don’t think; just go do it. You have nothing to lose by just going in and doing your best.
What’s next for you outside the gym? Outside of the gym? Not sure, most of my new passions incorporate being in the box. For instance, I aspire to be a CrossFit trainer and go to school for physical therapy and nutrition.

5 questions in 5 seconds:


Would you rather:
Be stronger or faster?
Eat Paleo Pizza or drink Norcal margaritas? “No-Cal” Margaritas… TEQUILA!!!!
Do Fran naked in front of all your friends and PR or do Fran clothed and never have your time improve? Naked, because I always want to improve… plus everyone can get a good view of the glutes.
Do 20 muscle ups for time or 200 double unders for time? Double unders…. Because one muscle up isn’t even an option…YET!!
Drink out of somebody else’s water bottle or wear somebody else’s gym clothes? Definitely water bottle because I try to not even touch my own gym clothes after working out.

Coach’s Thoughts:

Morgan is all about effort. He is in here busting his ass practically every day.
All he wants to do is learn.
He his curious. He is focused when it’s time. He is happy.

Morgan is refreshing to be around. He is one of those people who has made tremendous changes in his life, is becoming aware of his capacity for greatness and is content with the journey instead of the destination.

I will be very interested to see what happens for Morgan Bass in the next few years. If he keeps his head and attitude where it is at today, the possibilities are endless.
Keep at it, Morgan! Your walk through this life is inspiring!