CFHH Membership Benefits

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CFHH is not a gym, we are a community. Gyms don’t program your workouts for you, have an instructor available all day long to guide you through workouts, support, push and encourage you in and out of the facility at no extra charge. A gym won’t know you and probably your entire family by name or create lasting, life changing moments and friendships on a regular basis. The positive changes you make at CFHH will last a lifetime because in our gym, and our community, people quite simply, change their lives.

Included in your membership:

We guarantee that:

  • You will learn to believe in yourself more than you ever have in your entire life.
  • You will never be bored and always progress.
  • You receive quality personal coaching from the start to finish of each class and beyond when you desire.
  • You will have workouts tailored to you each day that keep you safe AND push you outside your comfort zone.
  • You will become a friend not just a member.
  • You will learn more about yourself doing this than anything else you have previously done.
  • You will make a difference in somebody else’s life.
  • You will make a change for the better in your own life.
  • You will work hard, you will sweat, you will be challenged and you will have FUN.
  • You will have a new community of supportive friends that you never knew was possible in this day and age.
  • You will receive discounts on services, supplements, gear, workshops and events.
  • You will become more confident, stronger both inside and out and be happier.
  • You will find out who you are on a daily basis in a supportive environment that will never ask you to be perfect, only to persevere.

Welcome to the evolution. Welcome to our community. Welcome to the sport of fitness. Welcome to membership at CrossFit Hilton Head.


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CFHH honors DISCOUNTS FOR: Active Military, Veterans, LEO, and Fire Fighters, Teachers, College Students, Seniors 60+ (You may be asked to provide ID)