CFHH Challenges You!


CFHH Joins The Worldwide Whole Life Challenge
September 7th – November 1st 2013.

Lets play this really fun health & fitness game as a community! It’s a game that measures your ability to see how much of a difference you can make in your body, fitness, and lifestyle habits over the course of 8 weeks.

The game starts on September 7th, but the time to register is right now. (REGISTRATION CLOSES SEPTEMBER 6th)

We have a Unique Community Discount Code just for US! It does two things:
1. Gives you a $5 DISCOUNT when you use it.
2. Registers you for the game as a member of OUR community.
***Make sure you use this code when you register – and if you invite others to play with you, send them the code too!!!

Here’s what to do:
Go to
1. Create an account
2. Register for the Challenge that starts on September 7th
(use our Unique Community Discount Code: WLCRYGZMrzBg)
3. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. There is a ton more info available on the Whole Life Challenge website… Check it out.

We are really excited about this for you and the rest of our Community – and hope that you will be too!



In a dramatic turn of events, there was a TIE for first and second places between teams, Fairy Dust & Mitt Romney and Triceratops FLEX!!!! Coming in third was The Paleontologists! CONGRATS to all who participated!


EACH TEAM MUST HAVE 3 PEOPLE. Since this is a TEAM Challenge, get your team mates email or phone numbers, keep up with each other’s progress and support each other. YOU MUST COMPETE AS A TEAM TO WIN!!!

1. There will be a $60 team buy-in this Paleo Challenge, ($20 per person). The three person team who exhibits the greatest improvement after 30 days wins the pot to split and some CFHH swag!

2. You will be scored according to three criteria: body composition, physical improvement and effort.

3. Body composition will be determined using bodyweight and waist circumference. We will all be using the same scale at the box. Coach will measure your waist circumference and weigh you in on Monday, August 27th.

1. The physical challenges for August to be determined by Coach. You will do the WOD of Coach’s choice on Monday August 27th in class. For this first challenge you can EARN POINTS FOR YOUR TEAM ACCORDING TO WHAT LEVEL YOU CHOOSE to personally compete at. Rx’d (4 points) Level 3 (3 points) Level 2 (2 points) Level 1 (1 point). ***Note: what ever level you pick on this first day, you will stick with for all challenges throughout the entire competition.

2. Each following Monday of the TEAM Paleo Challenge competitors will be able to earn points for their team. All scoring will be done on a team average. Your team’s total for each Monday will be divided by 3 whether everyone competes that Monday or not. SO, be sure to GET TO CLASS ON MONDAYS and encourage your team mates to do the same!!!
NOTE: CFHH will be closed Monday Sept. 3, for Labor Day. Report on Tuesday Sept. 4th for your 1st challenge!

3. You will complete the same body composition test and WOD on Monday September 24th as you did on Monday August 27th. These results will be accounted for in percentages to SHOW PERCENTAGE CHANGE in each competitor. (see formula we’ll be using below). That will determine the individuals score. Each individual will have 3 scores, a waist, weight and WOD score. We will take an average of the three team members scores in each category to determine the three final scores in these categories for your team!

4. Competitors can earn 5 bonus points each (a total of 15 bonus points per team) for their team if they KEEP A FOOD AND GOALS JOURNAL ALONG THE WAY. Points are simply for keeping the journal not what it says inside, so be honest with it, it can be a great learning and personal growth tool. The challenge lasts 29 days. Your journal must have a minimum of 26 entries to get credit for your team. Make sure you remind and encourage your team mates to keep up with their journals!

5. Attendance is a large part of making this transformation, therefore you will receive 1 extra credit point per day you attend class during the 29 day challenge. But as you know rest is also important so each team member can only earn up to 5 attendance points per week. This allows each team a possible total of 60 attendance points. Encourage your team mates to GET TO CLASS!!!!

6. Attending the Sept. 8th CFHH Workshop on Goals & The Power of Attitude is worth 5 points per person (15 total per team). SIGN UP NOW AT THE BOX!!!

17. Look out for the Surprise Wild Card Extra Credit coming mid Sept.!!!!

Formula for determining percentage change in each athlete:
Plug in whichever variable you are solving for ie. waist, weight or WOD.

(start waist – end waist)
__________________ X 100 = percentage change

start waist



Awesome. Now what? Well, you may be having some questions like:

1. What the f*** is Paleo, Coach? No problem. Watch your language! Click here for an awesome overview
2. So… what am I supposed to eat all month, then? Click here for a sample
3. I can’t do the math because I’m friggin’ American and all this stuff is in ounces and grams:
For some easy math:
1 ounce = 28.3 grams
1 cup = 8 ounces
1 pound = 16 ounces
4. Do some of your own research!!! We will share with you all the info we can. Do the same for us and your fellow Paleo people! Knowledge is power!!! Nobody likes the stingy guy.

Ever Evolving Hints, Tips, FAQs and Resources

  • Why Paleo? In the effort to constantly optimize health and performance we, in the CrossFit community in particular, have seen a shift toward eating the way our ancestors did. CFHH and other CrossFit boxes put on The 30-Day Paleo Challenge to let the diet speak for itself.
  • Can I eat pizza and drink beer? You can do whatever you want. Neither of those constitute Paleo fare. Educate yourself, think about what you want out of your life and your training and then go get it.
  • Is this hard to do? In the grand scheme of things, no. It takes willpower, knowledge and application. All 3 are up to you.
  • Your Coach’s are not nutritionists nor do they pretend to be. Educate yourself. Here are some GREAT places to start:

– Robb Wolf wrote the book on Paleo. Literally. There is A TON of FREE information on his website and podcasts.
Mark’s Daily Apple
PaNu- Evolutionary Metabolism
Recipes, recipes and more recipes. And even more recipes.