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Have a passion you’d like to improve?
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Choosing a CFHH Specialized Group may be right for you!
While everything we do at CFHH is based in CrossFit and CrossFit theory; CrossFit is broad and general fitness. These groups focus on specializing in one discipline and produce amazing results. Anyone can benefit from adding specialized, focused training to their current regime. Some choose something they already love and others choose a group to improve where their fitness is lacking.

Offered Groups are constantly changing.
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Titles from some exciting past groups:
CFHH Oly Series: 8 weeks to your best Snatch
CFHH Endurance Series: Beach Bum Triathlon
CFHH Endurance Series: 6 weeks in Honor of RET
CFHH Endurance Series: Tackle it With The Team
CFHH Power Series: Explosive Strength Development