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Giving Back To The Community Is The Greatest Thing A Human Being Can Do

The CrossFit Hilton Head I CAN Program has partnered with several non-profit organizations to help raise money and awareness for some GREAT causes. Find links to the 8 organizations supported by the CFHH I CAN Program at the bottom of this page.

CFHH I CAN Wristband


At CrossFit Hilton Head we test and prove daily that “whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” We use the I CAN Wristband to help spread the I CAN attitude. But the spirit of the I CAN attitude does not stop with the individual. The individual (you!) is simply where it starts.
When you purchase your I CAN wristband, proceeds will go to your choice of one of 4 locally based non-profits CFHH supports. I CAN exists to make the impossible, possible. CrossFit Hilton Head exists to make everything outside the box better. Both opportunities live in each of us. The men and women that wear I CAN are these opportunities in action.


CFHH I CAN Program hosts no less than 7 EXCITING fundraising events each year, including the I CAN Games!
Check out some of the excitement in the videos below:

Honor Our Heroes Demonstration
Honor Our Heroes Foundation is a veteran’s foundation providing life assistance to service members, veterans and their families through direct support and referral services.

WOD for Hope Haven
Hope Haven of the Lowcountry is a nationally accredited not-for-profit Children’s Advocacy and Rape Crisis Center. Hope Haven’s mission is to provide comprehensive services that lead to healing for child victims of abuse and adult victims of rape, sexual assault and incest. We also strive to increase the community‚Äôs awareness of these issues through education and outreach.

The RET Thomas Pediatric Cancer Foundation simply put, the RET Foundation aims to assist children afflicted with pediatric cancers in as many meaningful ways as possible.

Devin’s WOD
Happiness is Camping was the benefactor of Devin’s WOD 2012. Happiness is Camping is a special place where the remarkable is routine. It’s a regular sleep-away camp for normal kids; girls and boys who just happen to have cancer. In 2012 CrossFit Hilton Head’s I CAN Program along with the Hilton Head Health Institute sent 6 children battling cancer to Happiness is Camping where they spent a week just being kids.

Mo’ Bro Down
Movember Foundation is the reason CFHH and our friends all grow sweet staches for the month of Movember, formerly known as November. Mo’ Bros and Mo’ Sistas officially become walking billboards raising money and awareness for the important issue of men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. The CFHH Mo’ Bro Down happens on the first Saturday of December and is the ceremonious official close to the month of Movember! The Movember Foundation’s mission is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. CrossFit Hilton Head has chosen to get involved!

These are the charities that we have chosen to become involved in. We encourage you to do the same.
Honor Our Heroes Foundation
Achievement Through Attitude
The RET Foundation
Hope Haven of the Lowcountry
The Beaufort Blood Alliance
Movember Foundation
Infant Swim Resource
Happiness is Camping