Assistant CF Kids Coach:
Corey “Slater-san” Slater

Corey Slater

CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer


Corey’s positive attitude is infectious! She is a hard worker, strong athlete, was the founding member of CrossFit Hilton Head and is our biggest cheerleader. When we decided to revamp our CFHH Kids program we knew she’d be the perfect Coach. Her love for children and experience as an elementary school teacher give her a unique ability in connecting with our CFHH Kids.

Coach Corey has been athletic all her life and wants to help shape today’s children in their thoughts and understanding of health and fitness. Coach Corey remembers her first class at CFHH, (CFHH’s very first class back in March 2010). She says, “I have been obsessed with CrossFit ever since! I believe it gives you everything you need: strength, power, courage, and confidence. It is a lifestyle, and great for anyone with the desire to improve their overall health.”

Thanks Corey for bringing this lifestyle to our community and especially our children!