Strength Coach:
Mitchell “Machete AKA: BD” Thoreson

CrossFit Certified Level I Trainer
CrossFit Football Certified, Power Athlete Trainer
Strength & Conditioning Coach for Hilton Head Men’s Rugby F.C.
B.A. History, Emory University
J.D. Law, Mercer University


I have been a competitive athlete my entire life and have experimented with countless strength training programs since I was 15 years old. I have played most “American” sports at one point or another; however, the three sports I have focused primarily on have been golf, rugby and CrossFit.

Golf –
I began playing golf at age 4 and competed from ages 12 through 18. During that time, I won over 30 regional tournaments, and placed top 3 in countless others. In high school, I was All-State and All-County my Junior/Senior years. My team placed 1st in regionals in 1999 and 2000, and 4th in the Georgia State finals in 1999. I was a 3 year varsity letter and Scholar-Athlete recipient, and served as team Captain my Senior year. My lowest rounds ever played were 69 (18 holes) and 32 (9 holes). My biggest competitions: Georgia High School State Finals – Division 4A (1999, 2000); Future Masters (1999); Georgia State Junior Amateur (1998, 1999); and Georgia State Amateur (2000).

I was recruited to play golf in college but decided not to play, and I have never looked back. Many people ask why I am so quiet and reserved when I train and compete. This is a result of training and competing for so long in golf, where I was forced to remain unemotional and level-headed at all times. This has proved beneficial to everything in my life, especially athletic training and competitions. Just because I am not loud does not mean I am not a tenacious competitor.

Rugby –
I competed in rugby from ages 18 through 31. During that time, I played for: Emory University RFC (2000-2004); High Country RFC (2004-2005); Macon RFC (2005-2008); and Hilton Head RFC (2008-2013). My biggest competitions (D3): USA Rugby South Playoffs (2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013); USA Rugby South Championships (2009 – 2nd place, 2010 – 1st place, 2013 – 2nd place); and USA Rugby National Playoffs (2009 – 12th place, 2010 – 9th place, 2013 – 5th place). I have served as team Captain of Hilton Head RFC numerous times during my tenure. My primary positions are Lock, Flanker, and 8-man. Recently, I have moved more into a coaching role with rugby, but I am still very actively involved with the sport.

It is through rugby that I was introduced to CrossFit in 2011.

I believe CrossFit offers athletes the most effective and most efficient ways of training. Many athletes have a misconception about CrossFit and do not understand its applicability to sports and sports training. With all training, and particularly sports training, you must properly apply CrossFit and its methodologies to that particular sport and the individual’s specific goals. Failure to do this properly will lead to ineffective and potentially dangerous training. Anyone who uses CrossFit techniques for training needs to use a coach who is aware of these issues and can properly apply those training methodologies.
My interest lies in training athletes of all types, including CrossFit-specific athletes. My focus and passion is strength development in athletes and its effects on athletic performance. If I can get you stronger or faster (or both), then I feel that I have done my job as a coach. Anything less is unacceptable.

Being an attorney, I take a heavily research-based approach to learning all aspects of strength development. I am not afraid to research and experiment for hours on end to find the true answer. I am always striving to find the true answer and I recognize that the answer (or the question) may change over time – that is okay and that is why I am constantly reassessing my research and training.

Quotes that I live by:
“The Answer is within you.” Ray LaMontagne
“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Grandpa Clay