Trainer: Sarah Drilling

Sarah Drilling

CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Certified Endurance Trainer
Assistant Coach, CFHH Endurance Team, “Less Miles, More CrossFit”.
CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross
BA Economics, Indiana University
Boston Marathon Qualifier

Growing up, I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to try lots of different sports at least once. After a go at gymnastics, ballet, soccer, Taekwondo, ice skating, cross country, track, and tennis, suddenly college was over and organized sports were just memories. Running felt like it was the only way to stay active. I still have a strong love for running, but I joined CrossFit Hilton Head in 2010 feeling defeated by the thought of logging any more miles on a treadmill and lacking the knowledge to do anything other than stare in mystery at weights. By the end of 2011, with my first triathlon and marathon checked off my “bucket list”, I can’t image life without CFHH. CrossFit is not a sport that will come and go like all the others I’ve tried. It’s the sport of fitness, and for me it’s here to stay. Without a doubt, I am stronger, faster, healthier, and happier than ever before.
Inspired to help everyone find their inner athlete, I earned my Level I Certification in December of 2011 and completed the CrossFit Endurance Certification in April 2012. It’s not only the physical and mental challenges of CrossFit, but the community of CFHH in particular that I love. The CFHH community is full of athletes who consistently push themselves to new limits, build on their failures, and support each other through the most grueling workouts, while loving every second of it. I truly believe the community and programming of CFHH can change anyone’s life. Away from the box, you’ll usually find me running on Pinckney Island, on a bike ride, outside with my dogs, at the beach, or in the kitchen trying a new (mostly) Paleo recipe.

–         Sarah Drilling